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December 9

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Jay Cross, Jane Hart, and Charles Jennings invite you to join a four-hour discussion and workshop to build the business case for informal corporate learning. We are convening a small group of thought leaders in social networking and informal learning to discuss the near-term future of organizational learning, given such factors as:

* economic slowdown and corporate reconfiguration
* increasing democratization of the workforce
* pervasive internet infrastructure for social networking
* convergence of knowledge, knowledge work, and learning

The global recession is wiping out traditional training budgets in corporations. This is an ideal time for organizations to adopt informal, bottom-up, collaborative approaches. Nonetheless, most corporations seem paralyzed, afraid to take action. The purpose of our session in London is to identify the barriers to change and discuss what corporations can do to embrace networked, self-service learning. We hope you will be able to join us.

The event is free and by invitation only.

The meeting is at Thomson-Reuters in Canary Wharf this December 9. Please arrive at Reception by 9:45 am. Charles Jennings or Jackie Wykes will meet you there and escort you to the 5th floor Board Room. Lunch will be served at 12:15 pm. We adjourn at 2:00 pm.


  1. Charles Jennings, Thomson Reuters
  2. Jane Hart, Center for Learning & Performance Technologies, togetherlearn
  3. Jay Cross, Internet Time Group, togetherlearn
  4. David Gurteen, Gurteen Knowledge
  5. David Price, Global Sensemaking
  6. Deborah Findlayson, Diageo
  7. Norman Lamont, Lloyds TSB
  8. Claire Line, Lovells
  9. Laura Overton, Toward Maturity
  10. Hugh Greenway, Reed Learning
  11. Paul Kearns, PWL, Speaker/trainer/author
  12. Peter Butler, British Telecom
  13. Fae Longman